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31 October 2004 @ 10:12 pm
yes.. im definitely a republician and i definitely hate kerry so i am for bush..
i mean i really hate kerry and the only reason ppl are for him.. is because rumors nd shit bout bush.. and that STUPID fahrenheit 9/11 movie.. americans are so gullable.. they will believe ANYTHING.. if it is in the media or published or whatever.. DOESNT ALWAYS MEAN ITS TRUE PEOPLE!
but i mean i think bush has done a good job.. in iraq.. finacially eh? but what president IS good financially? especially since we give billions of dollars to the countries were fighting.. for like good and weapons.. ya i really didnt get that.. we gave afganistan weapons and shit a couple of years ago.. they're terrorists.. and i mean they were killing us WITH THE WEAPONS WE GAVE US! lol but ya no president is good finacial wise bc u have to manage so many things.. and its just no possible. lol
but bush really has done good things in iraq.. reformed their governemnt.. found saddam.. killed his kids who were EVIL BASTARDS.. he is training the iraqi troops in a need to rebel against the government.. he didnt yet find osama.. but i mean.. yea.. but kerry he annoys be bc hes like.. i have a plan for this.. i ahve a plan for that.. oh ya and where do u expect to get teh money if ur reducing this and reducing that? are u a magician? and u know u never really share ur plans with us.. and he always friken contradicts himself.. he'll say one thing.. then change it.. then not have an opinion on it.. sure thats what most politics do.. but i mean bush was against gay marriages.. he came out and said it.. he didnt change it and stuck to his opinion.. kerry on the other hand is like ya im for it.. then hes against it.. then he doesnt have a view.. how can u say 1 thing.. CHANGE it.. then have nothing? i dont get it.. i really dont like him
but i really do hope bush wins.
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